Tell us about yourself: My name is Sefesi, 32 years old. I got injured in April 2018 as I was jumping into shallow water while drinking with friends. The level of my spinal cord injury is C2.

Who motivates and inspires you? Mr.Lee Taniwha is my motivator. I met Lee at the Spinal Unit and he has been helping me ever since. Lee always has advice and encourages me to do better. As of now I live as normal a life as possible as I can go anywhere and everywhere and most of all enjoying everyone’s company.

What does Care Upfront mean to you? Care Upfront is more like a family to me. They provide great services for people who are injured like me such as carers. As well as the greatness of the peers and social support they provide which is awesome.

How has your accident shaped your time to follow? Ever since I had my accident I have managed to schedule my daily routine and be punctual and more organizieing.

Words of wisdom: My favourite quote is by Alisha Broughton – “Live life like its your last day, make every minute count. For tomorrow is not promised, live in the moment”.