Tell us about yourself: My name is Lee T, 30 years old. I got injured in December 2006 as I dived into a pool while swimming with family. I am a proud Maaori boy raised in the heart of South Auckland. My level of injury is C4/5.

Who motivates and inspires you? My motivation is solely from my community, I had the great fortune to see, learn and experience so many great lessons from so many great men and women who showed me where opportunities were and how to make the most of them. The real moments that fuel me are when you are able to do the same for someone else.

What does Care Upfront mean to you? Care Upfront is community. We want to connect, support and empower our community to not only grow but to produce fruit. It is our way to really serve our people.

How has your accident shaped your time to follow? My accident humbled me and forced me to question what my role in the world was. I know that due to my accident it made me appreciate the simplest moments with the people who are important in my life.

Words of wisdom: “Ma te tutu ka mohio, ma te mohio ka marama, ma te marama ka matatau, ma te matatau ka ora”

Through fiddling comes awareness, through awareness comes understanding, through understanding comes knowledge, and through knowledge comes wellbeing.