Tell us about yourself: Hi my name is Gus. My injury took effect on the 2nd of January 2017 at the Maraetai beach by running and jumping off the wharf head first. Causing my body to be paralysed from the chest down.

Who inspires you? Lee Taniwha inspires me to wanting to better myself. With how he carries himself and especially his work ethic.

What or who motivates you? My wife is the one who will remind me of what goals I’ve set whenever I lack the motivation.

What does Care Upfront mean to you? I feel that Care Upfront have a great understanding of their clients because of multiple gatherings they hold to break bread and also the chance to get to know and understand each other better.

How has your accident shaped your time to follow? My accident has changed my perspective of life. I used to take little things for granted which as of right now I am very grateful for.

Words of wisdom: “No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful of life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive”.